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The jar “Predictions” is needed for cheerful and active people with a positive outlook on life. It lifts the mood, motivates and, most importantly, makes it clear that the future is always in our hands. It will not indicate your wedding day, but it will prove that if you need it, it will definitely be.

It’s easy to use: in the morning, take one note at a time, read it, ponder over or laugh and go on a day with a completely different mood. A jar of predictions is a concentration of positive emotions, the words from which can and should prompt you to improve your life.

Number of notes: 100 pcs. Jar of a volume of 400 ml, height: 112.5 mm, diameter: 75 mm. Color of paper and labels: orange with yellow. Hand made in Europe.


Jars with notes Bene Banka is an original gift for all occasions. Each jar contains 100 notes on a specific topic, manually twisted.

Our main advantages are stylish design, hand made, light and unbreakable jar, original texts and a variety of topics.



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